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With 20 years of experience, we breed and raise healthy and well-socialized Ragdoll cats with beautiful markings and stunning blue eyes.

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Dedicated to Breeding Exceptional Ragdoll Kittens

At Ragdoll Cattery Singapore, we have 20 years of experience in breeding and raising Ragdoll cats. We are dedicated to providing top-quality Ragdoll kittens with excellent temperaments, beautiful markings, and stunning blue eyes. Our cattery prioritizes the health and well-being of our cats, ensuring they receive proper veterinary care and nutrition. With our extensive knowledge and passion for Ragdolls, we strive to match each kitten with the perfect forever home.

Our Programs

Variety of Programs to Suit Your Needs

Genetique Ragdoll Kittens

Breeding Program

Carefully planned breeding to produce healthy and well-socialized Ragdoll kittens

Kitten Socialization

Early socialization of kittens to develop friendly and confident personalities

ragdoll cat genetique cats

Health and Nutrition

Priority given to the health and well-being of our cats through proper veterinary care and nutrition

Why Choose Us

Our Unique Value Propositions

Healthy and Well-Socialized Kittens

We breed and raise Ragdoll kittens with exceptional temperaments and socialization, ensuring they make incredibly loving and affectionate companions.

Beautiful Markings and Stunning Blue Eyes

Our Ragdoll cats have exquisite coat patterns and enchanting blue eyes, making them visually striking and captivating pets.

Priority on Health and Well-Being

We prioritize the health and well-being of our cats, providing them with proper veterinary care and nutrition to ensure they thrive in their forever homes.

Extensive Knowledge and Passion for Ragdolls

With our 10 years of experience and deep passion for Ragdolls, we have a wealth of knowledge to share, guiding you through every aspect of raising a Ragdoll cat.

Matching Kittens with Forever Homes

We strive to find the perfect forever homes for our kittens, carefully matching their personalities and needs with the right families.

Bringing Joy and Happiness to Your Life

A Ragdoll cat from our cattery will be a loving companion that will bring endless joy and happiness to your life.

Our Gallery

Explore Our Beautiful Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Kittens Genetique Cats Singapore
Ragdoll Kittens Genetique Cats Singapore
ragdoll kitten in singapore
cute ragdoll genetique cats

Read our testimonal

Zahirah Rosle
Zahirah Rosle
stephanie and andrew are really friendly and helpful! they go the extra mile with caring for their furbabies and as a first time cat owner, i felt very guided and reassured the whole way even after bringing my baby home ❤️
Hui Bin Koh
Hui Bin Koh
thank you for giving us a tour! was really fun to see and interact with the kitties
Rachel Choo
Rachel Choo
Wide variety of cat breeds available, cats have very good temperament and are sociable as well! Prices are affordable! 👍 super cute 😻
The cats here are definitely of a higher calibre than any other breeders or shops that we have been to. Their temperament, energy and friendliness are excellent. The husband and wife owners are hospitable, friendly and really know their stuff. Highly recommended if you’re looking to buy.
Undeniably the best cat breeder in Singapore.Found them when I search where to buy cat Singapore and where to buy kitten. Their response was fast and viewing was set up. All their cats imported from overseas. Happy to have chosen my kitten.
Joey Tan
Joey Tan
Genetique cats is the best cat breeder in Singapore! All their cats are imported from UK, easy to make a viewing booking also. If you looking where to buy cat Singapore, genetique cats.
Hannah Hee
Hannah Hee
Stephanie and her husband are super loving and knowledgeable about the kittens and cats in their care. They’ll also guide you through the process of bringing your baby home from A to Z. Definitely recommend Genetique as the care for their babies is genuine.
Gabriella Septamin
Gabriella Septamin
Steph and her husband was very hospital-able in engaging and answering all our questions about cats. As an almost cat-parents , we love that we can see their genuine heart and care for the cats and for the people they serve. For the people that is keen to know more about cats and even have one of their own, we recommend to come down to see and experience for your own judgement. Thank you so much !
Elina Low
Elina Low
We recently got our cat belle aka belbel from genetique. It was definitely a wonderful experience esp for first time owners. Stephanie was very helpful in teaching us how to feed and care for the and answer alot of queries regards cat care. They even provide kitten care guides to help us on our journey with our kitty. We love belbel soooo much because she is loving and sweet and also cuddly. Definitely recommend if you are looking to get a cat and dont know where to start!!😍
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